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Some theses and dissertations are not eligible for open access. Browse Electronic Theses and Dissertations by year of completion :. Perception of preservice teachers on the implementation of multicultural education , Winnie Esther Akinyi Open Access Thesis. A study of non-profit leaders' risk-taking propensity and managerial leadership styles , Younis Q. Al Hassan Open Access Dissertation.

Dissertations & Theses - Music Citation Guide - Subject Guides at University of Iowa

Beckman Open Access Thesis. Increasing student perceptions of success and inclusion through strategic programming of underrepresented composers , Joyce J. Beyer Open Access Thesis. Pre-service teacher knowledge and attitudes about the trans body in the classroom: Implications for teacher education , Kyrie Dora Borsay Dissertation Electronic Copy Not Available.

An investigation into the prediction of double-skin penetration within chromite molds and cores in heavy section steel casting using process simulation software , Nathaniel Bryant Open Access Thesis. Constraints to African American college women's leisure-time physical activity and use of campus recreation services and facilities: A retrospective ethnographic exploration of experiences , Domino Ebony Chumrley-Birch Dissertation UNI Access Only.

The effect of cold stratification and perigynia removal on the germination of three prairie carex species , Christina M. Boeck Crew Open Access Thesis.

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Post-trip blues: Full time college students' emotional and motivational post-trip transition from adventure break trips , Nichole Crockford Open Access Thesis. Outcomes of an intensive exercise-based swallowing program for persons with Parkinson's disease: A single-case experiment , Jocelyn Jenks Open Access Thesis. Empowering children's social ecology: Reenvisioning postconflict reconstruction and education in rural Liberia , Kristen N. McNutt Open Access Thesis. Investigation of the changes of preservice teachers' efficacy beliefs in teaching students with special needs , Pujaningsih Pujaningsih Open Access Dissertation.

Ruiz Open Access Thesis. Influence of external and internal factors on financial advisors' guidance of clients in the area of charitable giving , Angela J. Gorsuch Widner Open Access Dissertation.

Voltage regulation of unbalanced distribution network with distributed generators through genetic algorithm , Islam Ali Open Access Dissertation. Exploring the academic, social, and cultural experiences of English language learners from Saudi Arabia at a Midwest university in the U. Al Subia Open Access Dissertation. The effects of mycorrhizal inoculant and micronutrients on early plant establshment during a tallgrass prairie reconstruction , Christopher L.

Barber Open Access Thesis. Analyzing how we think about gender: Reevaluating the categories of transgender and cisgender in society , Anna M. Blood coagulation properties in hibernating and non-hibernating American bullfrogs Lithobates catesbeianus , Stephen Cain Open Access Thesis. Student engagement in higher education: Measuring the differences in community engagement , Stanley S. Ebede Open Access Dissertation Award.

Mindset theory among education professors in a midwestern private college , David D. Resilience in undergraduate students: The relation between personality, social support, and cortisol control , Elisheva Joy Havlik Open Access Thesis. Pedagogical contraband: A phenomenological approach to understanding student engagement during simulations , Stephen Austin Henderson Open Access Dissertation.

The effects of book club participation on reading comprehension in children with disabilities , Elizabeth Ann Kosmicki Open Access Thesis. They that go down to the sea in ships: Richard Henry Dana, Jr. Master's recital in jazz pedagogy: A performance-demonstration of rhythm section instruments, compositions and arrangements by Nicholas Leo , Nicholas Leo Open Access Thesis. Adult- and peer-created motivational climates in sport and injury rehabilitation , Rachel Majewski Open Access Dissertation. In the hollow of a tree , Lisa A.

Turnaround leadership: A case study of principal leadership practices in a persistently low-achieving school during the turnaround process , Stephanie N. Exploring the experiences of adolescent students attending a virtual school , Allan G.

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Nelson Open Access Dissertation Award. Integration of refugees from Burma in metropolitan and nonmetropolitan areas in Iowa , Christopher J. Gender differences in perceived stigma among sexual minorities and their related health practices , Sara Kay Richardson Open Access Thesis.

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Teachers' pedagogical practices, shift, and professional growth in online courses , Maryam Rod Szabo Open Access Dissertation. Schuck Open Access Thesis. The Food Babe fearmonger: transcending spheres of argument through the dual use of personal and pseudo-technical expertise , Abigail Shew Open Access Thesis. Study of low dose nitrite stress on human mononuclear cells: An in-vitro case-control study on osteoarthritis , Junu Shrestha Open Access Dissertation Award. An investigation of early childhood outdoor play areas and social and emotional play , Brandy A.

Smith Open Access Dissertation. Reconstructing the phylogeny and characterizing the patterns of molecular evolution of the tetraploid freshwater suckers Cypriniformes: Catostomidae , Zachary Evan Sperstad Open Access Thesis Award. Analysis of the relationship between religion and forgiveness , Desislava S.

Stoycheva Open Access Dissertation. Analysis of ambient particulate concentration near a coal storage pile , Jennifer Wittenburg Open Access Thesis. Sand distribution effect on three dimensional printed sand properties , Kip Woods Open Access Thesis. Examining early childhood special education teachers' practices for supporting children's social emotional competence , Suad Mohammed Abuzaid Dissertation UNI Access Only. Almalki Open Access Dissertation. Current practices of co-teaching in an elementary inclusive school: Moving toward effective co-teaching relationship , Mona Nassir Al Nassir Open Access Dissertation.

Examining the quality of special education pre-service teachers' co-planning and co-teaching , Ohoud M. Analyzing Rana Plaza crisis discourse from a postcolonial perspective: Implications for identity and crisis communication studies , Mir Ashfaquzzaman Open Access Thesis. Valproic acid: A neural outgrowth model for the autism spectrum disorder , Hannah M. Bergan Open Access Thesis. An experimental study of non-metallic inclusions precipitation and its effect on impact toughness variations in low alloy steel subjected to complex deoxidation , Pavel Bizyukov Open Access Dissertation.

The impact of peer coaching on peer relationships and the distribution of knowledge in pre-service teachers , Kelsey J. Bowers Open Access Thesis. Differential gene expression analysis of metolachlor treated human liver cells by microarray , Navinder Paul Kaur Brar Open Access Thesis. An instrumental case study of understanding familial communication in families with hearing parents and deaf children , Polly Brekke Dissertation UNI Access Only.

For two or two hundred: A workbook for making a difference , C. Aquatic managers of northeast Iowa : a description of current practices of staff training and implementation detailing competencies, frequency, and evaluation , Tracy N. Carey Open Access Thesis. Food insecurity and the elder male: exploring the gap from needing food to the utilization of assistance programs , Gale Carlson Open Access Dissertation. A master's recital in horn , Casey M. Chlapek Open Access Thesis.

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Living and teaching for social justice: teacher educators' stories and experiences , Courtney Kay Clausen Open Access Dissertation. Intergenerational conversation: Authentic learning through critical reflection of a community engagement learning experience , Amy Davison Open Access Dissertation. Students' perceptions of the impacts of dual enrollment programs on later college experiences , Caralee K.

Association of various concentrations of cat's claw herb Uncaria tomentosa on lymphocyte proliferation and nitric oxide expression: An in-vitro study of osteoarthritis , Noha Fadlalddin Open Access Dissertation. Lead content of lip balms: A cross sectional convenience sample with exposure assessment estimating an average daily intake for young children , Julie Grunklee Open Access Thesis.

Head above water weighing: A valid method to measure body fat storage? Improving learning center usage verification processes using Six Sigma , Latricia C. Hylton Open Access Dissertation. The programmatic manipulation of planar diagram codes to find an upper bound on the bridge index of prime knots , Genevieve R. Johnson Open Access Thesis. Smartphone based ubiquitous sensing platform leveraging audio jack for power and communication , Ranjana Joshi Open Access Dissertation.

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Using blended learning to improve undergraduate introduction to literature courses: A mixed methods approach , Julie Leigh Klein Open Access Dissertation. Certified nonprofit professionals early career decisions and college student loan debt , Kristina Elizabeth-Ann Kofoot Open Access Thesis. Comparison of forward lean during Bulgarian split squat at high and low box heights , Craig Konrardy Open Access Thesis.

Gender differences in cognitive dissonance reduction strategies for partner's physical attractiveness , Lijing Ma Open Access Thesis. Perceptions of transgender populations: An educational module to increase knowledge and reduce negative attitudes , Dacia Kay Oberhelman Open Access Thesis. Factors influencing wood turtle Glyptemys insculpta home range size in Iowa: A comparison between suburban and rural populations , Joshua Gregory Otten Open Access Thesis.

The effects of metolachlor exposure on the THP-1 alveolar monocyte and macrophage function , Jared S. Parmater Open Access Thesis. Gender differences associated with combat-related and military sexual assault-related post-traumatic stress disorder , Marjorie Perkins Thesis UNI Access Only. Sick of deviants: How the behavioral immune system may impact responses to violated norms , Neal G. Pollock Open Access Thesis.

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Effects of lumbopelvic stabilization program in young, non-elite, community-based gymnasts , Miranda Katherine Pomije Open Access Thesis. Robbins Open Access Thesis. The impact of content knowledge, specialized content knowledge, peer analysis and self-analysis on pre-service physical education teachers' error detection abilities , Debra S.