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To complete theatre facilities and clean them. They are the playwrights and the lights men, the lyricists and the composers, the carpenters and the directors, the actors and ushers, the financiers and the janitors. A core group is needed to serve the whole school in its theatre movement. Men for others are necessary in theatre. Distinguished Filipino musician and composer Ryan Cayabyabs medley arrangement of the different Take and Receive compositions by the Filipino Jesuits will be one of the highlights of the concert.

Take and Receive: The First Festival of Ateneo Music marks the Ateneos th anniversary, the year of Deepening Spirituality, the second theme of a three-year countdown to Ateneos th anniversary, or sesquicentennial. Ateneo de Manila University will celebrate its sesquicentennial on December 10, with the theme Building the Nation.

Performing companies representing dance, music and theater reside within the CCP. The CCP also covers the mass media as well as the literary and visual arts, encouraging the growth of aspiring artists in these fields through numerous workshops, seminars, anthologies, exhibits, symposia as well as competitions and awards.

The Association for Foreign Investment

Through its Cultural Exchange Program, the CCP supports the growth and development of arts councils all over the country thourgh relevant workshops and seminars. Through exchange programs with these organizations and with other institutions, Filipinos have been able to glimpse the beauty of different cultures from various countries, withnessing many a triumphant performance from highly-acclaimed artists all over the world. The CCP continues to nurture and promote artistic excellence, Filipino aesthetics and identity, and cultural values towards a humanistic global society.

PETA has been known and credited for creating issue-based performances that mirror and reflect the times and for its fearless delivery of truth through a palette of theatrical forms. Now on its 42nd Theater Season, PETA continues to contribute to help bring about social awareness and change through its productions, performances and workshops, as it calls on its audiences to act and respond to the clarion call that hound the Philippine society.

Using fresh, innovative and interesting techniques and approaches, PETA welcomes its new theater season as a renewed challenge to test and push the capacity of art in to inform, influence and inspire its audiences. Reworked as a postmodern narrative, Noli at Fili Dekada Dos Mil is inspired by real events, characters and testimonials that arose during the landslide in the Quezon province.

essay of onofre

The story, which revolves around small town politics and the fight against corruption, also zooms into the problem of illegal logging and its corrupted relation with governance and religion. Blind to their differences, the two told and retold the folktales that narrate the. In time for the elections, PETA creates a vaudeville style musical, Boto-boto-boboto-bonanafanna-fo-foto-fee-fy-momoto-boto BOTO Another Musical , that uses iconic characters of the Philippine electoral process: Lorrie Logarta, Chix Pedero, and popular terms such as trapo, ispits speech and many others.

The story, cast with 10 actors with interchanging roles and characters, also follows the electoral process, beginning with the voters registration and ending with the need for vigilance after elections. The four productions, which officially begin on June , also commence PETAs renewed commitment to artistic excellence as it cradles a peoples culture through its use of theater that is distinctly Filipino.

The heirs of Don Carlos Palanca, Sr.

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The aims of the awards have been: 1. To help develop Philippine Literature by providing incentives for writers to craft their most outstanding literary works. To be a treasury of the Philippines literary gems from our gifted writers and to assist in its eventual dissemination to our people, particularly the students.

The awards started with the Short Story category in English and Filipino. Through the years, as the awards elicited overwhelming response, new categories were added: One-act Play in , Poetry in , Full-length Play in , Essay in , Novel in , Short Story for Children in , Teleplay in and Screenplay in In , three categories were opened.

To encourage writing by our youth, the special Kabataan Division made up of the essay category in English and Filipino, was opened in In , a new category was added Futuristic Fiction, a separate genre of the short story that involves a looking beyond into the future to transcend the boundaries of the present. And in the year , two new categories were added Poetry for Children in the English Division and Tulang Pambata in the Filipino Division, to encourage both aspiring and veteran Filipino writers to focus their attention to crafting masterpieces that will mold children's sense of nationalism.

At present, the Carlos Palanca Foundation already has, in its collection, short stories, collections of poetry, essays, one-act plays, full-length plays, 60 teleplays, 54 screenplays, stories for children, 34 futuristic fiction stories, 77 student essays, 36 novels, and 16 collections of poetry for children.

These works are compiled and made available to all researchers and lovers of literature at the Foundation library and its official website, www. The winning works for the first twenty years of the awards were printed in anthology form in , 4 volumes in Filipino, Isang Kalipunan ng mga Nagwagi sa Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards, , and 4 volumes in English, An Anthology of Palanca Memorial Awards Winners, , The books were distributed to public and private colleges and universities all over the Philippines through the National Library.

In the year , another publication, An Anthology of Winning Works, the 's came out. For the benefit of students and researchers outside Metro Manila, especially those in the provinces, book-bound photocopies of the Maikling Kuwento from to were donated to universities and colleges nationwide. The writings are available in the Foundation Library and in schools all over the country.

Teaching from the heart – Here, Now

These works stand out in literary form, style and message. Students researching Palanca Award winners as part of their class requirements learn not only the correct forms of writings but also glean from these works the moods and aspirations of our country and our people.

In , eight award-winning plays were produced and presented to the public at the Little Theater of the Cultural Center of the Philippines and culminated with a presentation at the Luneta Grandstand. The Palanca Hall of Fame was established in and is presented to a Palanca awardee who has achieved the distinction of winning five first prizes. There are now 22 Hall of Fame awardees. Dramatic readings of award-winning works have also been presented in colleges and universities. The citations and awards conferred to the Palanca Awards are: y y y y y.

Gawad Pagkilala by the Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino in Born from a simple dream made 61 years ago to help develop Philippine literature, the foundation holds steadfast to its mission of providing nourishment for the national spirit.

DS Mr. Onofre Pagsanghan's 90th: Seasons of Love

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Mitzie Correa. Andrew Cua. Mais de Charina May Nolan.

Charina May Nolan. Tanuj Kumar. Populares em Belief. His face is outlined by deep creases beginning from the sides of his nose tracing down to corners of his thin lips, and continues on both sides down to his chin like the lines you would see on a marionette doll. On his face sits a pair of thick-rimmed glasses covering his deep-set eyes that are a subtle shade of blue. His lean arms are peppered with blemishes leading to his bony hands covered in a strange white powder.

Nearby, a metal walker stands. He still wakes up at 5 in the morning to go to school, and still writes his exams on Manila paper. Pagsanghan addresses a forum. As cameras clicked, he spoke in front of a small crowd of teachers and students. It was my inay who first lit the flame of that hungry dream in my life. I learned the first and most important lesson in my life - to dare dream. A full scholar, Pagsanghan graduated from the Ateneo High School in before finishing college in the same university in , majoring in Education. After receiving his diploma, Onofre Pagsanghan went straight to teaching.

He recalls his first experience when he applied for the job. It was in the Ateneo that Pagsanghan was to find his home for the rest of his life, teaching English and Filipino to freshmen students.

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  • And teaching students to dream. Delaney, S. He was the principal of the Ateneo High School when Pagsanghan was in his senior year, and Father Delaney was later assigned chaplain at the University of the Philippines.

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    And looking back at my life now, he was right, because the hardest is almost always the best, and the best is almost always the hardest. More than 20 years past retirement age, Onofre Pagsanghan sees no end to his life, teaching students to dream as he was once told. Nearly a year ago, he suffered an accident that left his left leg in a cast and him missing class for a month and a half to recuperate and undergo rehabilitation. In the narrative, the Israeli-American violinist breaks a string in the middle of a concert, but continues playing until the very end.

    What would I be able to give with one life? I try to give it meaning. Love your calling with passion. It's the meaning of your life. This is the meaning of my life.