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Most of the currently accepted western basic principles of ethics in research are consistent with the instructions of Islam Editorial, Prophet Mohamed peace be upon him said, I was sent to complete the epitomes of Ethics Abdel-Baky, The teaching of Islam covers all the fields of human activity. Western countries do not understand why Muslims are against implementation of secularization in their countries.

We have to understand that Islam is not only a religion; it is a way of life. Our societies have different rules that make us different from the other countries. Unlike western countries, Islamic societies lack a differentiation of secular and sacred.

All Muslims are requested to behave according to Islamic jurisprudence.

Islam has a different concept of property, which entails different views of the intellectual right. In general, Islamic jurisprudence is inclined more toward the public interest when it contradicts with individual interests. Recording computer programs videos or others is forbidden unless permitted by their owner. Here is the Fatwa of the permanent council of Fatwa in Saudi Arabia:.

So, it is forbidden to copy these programs without the permission of their owners regardless of their being Muslims or non-Muslims. So, if the owner of these programs forbids only public copying and allows private one, the person can copy the program for private use as stipulated.

Extract of sample "Software Piracy"

But if he forbids both public and private copying it becomes then absolutely forbidden to copy these programs. So, if the person does not comply with his oath that is a major sin which could lead one to being thrown in Hell-fire. There is disagreement among contemporary Muslim scholars concerning copying CDs that whose rights are reserved by their owners.

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First, some scholars do not legalize copying CDs. And this is the opinion of the permanent committee for Fatwa in Saudi Arabia.

2.0 Arguments For Software Piracy Essay

Their answer is as follows:. Abu Dawood and al-Saiyouti regards this Hadith as sound. If the owner states that copying for benefit is not allowed, this means it is permitted to have some special copy for private use. But, if he does not give any permission, then it is Haram to copy by any means and ways.

Second, some scholars believe that it is Halal to copy these CDs as long as for private not trade use, especially for students who need these CDs and do not find the original copy or even the money to buy them. However, the safest position for a Muslim is to avoid buying or using copied CDs, nor to copy them.

Microsoft is confidently dedicated to the perspective that everyone flagged as running a duplicated copy of Windows have to be running a duplicated copy.

Software Piracy - Words | Report Example

The world believes that everything that has advantages must have disadvantages; after the advantage of software piracy according to some communities and companies; software piracy disadvantages many people through different ways like the pirate, manufacturers, permanent consumer. Software piracy has different issues like ethical, professional, social, and legal. Looking at the ethical and professional issues we have:. There are certain options to reduce software piracy; the solutions are categorized into four, namely ethical, social, legal, and market.

A study of the negative impact of piracy on the economy and society at large

We have protection under ethical, applying laws under legal, education under social and detection under market. Not only did this putting off software resellers from making lawful revenues, it also bare users to the risks related with using pirated software. This issue is supposed to serve as a come around call to forgers. Consumers and other organizations in the region of the world are revolving you in, and important act will be taken to defend intellectual property.

In conclusions I learn that the software company is an area where home businesses can compete well with multinationals in both local and foreign markets. Yet, without suitable security in less-developed countries mainly African countries where piracy rates are reasonably higher, software pirates can devastate the income streams of small companies that have managed to effectively create particular niches in the companies.

That piracy could be helpful to companies without the occurrence of Network effect. The solution to the Assessment is the fact that the same amount of money represents different worth to different customers. Poor customers usually value money more than rich customers.

Copyright infringement

The companies therefore need to appoint in more excited competitions to attract these customers, which could be harmful on the whole profits of the company. And all software companies should joint Hand and tackle the pirates via applying laws, educating and detecting them. If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website then please:. Essays It Research. Essays, UK.

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November As it is a crime, there are certain disciplinary measures against it; nevertheless, the threat of imprisonment does not frighten computer pirates who continue to sell software illegally online and through other ways. Choose an option to complete your free download. Note that all papers are meant for inspiration and reference purposes only! Do not copy papers in full or in part. Papers are provided by other students, who hold the copyright for the content of those papers. All papers were submitted to TurnItIn and will show up as plagiarism if you try to submit any part of them as your own work. Assignment Lab can not guarantee the quality of the user generated content such as sample papers above.

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