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  1. What Are the Attributes of a Good Supervisor?
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What Are the Attributes of a Good Supervisor?

However, subordinates appreciate it when you treat them as partners as well as getting them to play a part in decision-making and drawing up of strategies as opposed to subordinates who merely receive instructions. Team spirit requires that you give your subordinates the chance to take control of their activities and you involve them in departmental activities as well. This shows leadership and enhances collaboration. It is human nature to have a favourite, to prefer one person or thing to another.

However, this does not augur well with your teammates when you are a supervisor. It divides your team and diminishes your authority.

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Even if you have a favourite, try to stay neutral. Solve disputes in a neutral way and provide leadership. When your team members trust you to make neutral and well-informed decisions, they will trust you and your decisions. You cannot preach water and drink wine and expect your subordinates to trust and respect you.

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An effective leader stays on the right course and can be trusted to make the right decision even if it is painful. Remember, your subordinates look up to you and if you are unethical, they lose their respect for you and this erodes your authority. In conclusion, an effective supervisor is one who offers leadership and brings the team together. It is someone with good communication skills, neutral, trustworthy, flexible and who knows how to delegate effectively.

The leader should also be a learner and should treat their subordinates as partners. In a world where teamwork is cherished, a good leader should be able to find unique ways of holding the team together and rallying team members towards a common cause. What are some of the effective leadership skills you use or have experienced in the course of your career? Thank you, I will try to follow the above…. So whenever we are in a new level off course there is going to be some new responsibilities, occasions where we are going to make tough decisions etc but with time youl adapt and you will even find yourself eying a managerial position so no need to worry, it will work out fine.

What you should not do is to shy away when you have been given this chance.

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  5. You also need a thick skin as missiles and backbiting will be around you due to human nature. If you have nerves of steel you will survive the political and management storms sure to face you.

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    Hi Mark, If you treat those who are under you as partners, and you are also flexible in whatever circumstance then the environment will be conducive for you and the rest who are under you. I like approach used in analysing each skill. Kindly post more. Hi Fredrick, Thank you for reading. We are glad you are enlightened. I have worked for 13 years , but never gotten a job since , and i have applied for quite a number of jobs through brighter monday. What would be wrong with my cv? Hi Jane, Thank you for reading.

    Empathy and Compassion

    The list below can shed some light on the possible reasons that might have led to your current predicament; Do you send applications to job adverts that match your skills? Have you updated your CV since last year? Do you write a customized cover letter for each application? The number of job seekers has gone higher since last year, making the talent pool larger and you have to ensure your CV stands out from the rest.

    Start by editing your CV to reflect all the skills and experience you have gained.

    Qualities of a good leader (class 12)

    Subscribe for alerts that are relevant to the career you wish to pursue. We wish you all the best and please implement what we have advised you so that you increase your chances of getting feedback. Thanks Chrisyine, We appreciate your feedback and support.

    What Are the Attributes of a Good Supervisor? | exagem.tk

    Sharing credit with others does not cost the boss anything yet it has a high return on investment. When good behavior and performance is praised, acknowledged and recognized, it is likely to be repeated. This can lead to a snowball effect where the employees who have been appreciated keep performing better and better thereby increasing the overall success and contribution of a particular unit, department, division, branch and the overall company. As a caveat, this does not mean that a boss should go willy-nilly sharing confidential, private and sensitive information with others.

    A good boss knows how to use tact, discretion and good judgement in deciding which information is public and which should be private. A good boss shares relevant information with staff such as updates on company performance, sales metrics, team progress, challenges facing the company, company success, brainstorming solutions with the team etc.

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    The boss also shares big picture information with staff, explains changes, shares departmental progress updates etc. The objective is for employees to know what is going on both within their department and in the company. Transparency is a key trait of a good boss. In the absence of information from the boss, subordinates would receive information from the grapevine which might be inaccurate.

    If you know something very important, the way to get power is by actually sharing it. Some ways of caring about the well-being of staff include the following: providing good and safe working conditions; enabling career growth for employees; providing monetary rewards such as promotions, pay raises and bonuses. Providing good competitive salaries and benefits; opportunities for professional development and training; challenging work assignments and offering regular feedback and praise.

    Other ways of caring about staff consist of valuing staff time by having fewer and relevant meetings; instituting and upholding a company culture with strong shared values and encouraging work life balance. All these actions help to increase job satisfaction and show employees that their boss cares about them. On the flip side, bad bosses are disrespectful. Typical ways of disrespecting employees include yelling, shouting, sulking, losing your temper, bullying, blaming others and not sharing credit.

    Other forms of disrespect include: indecision, avoiding conflict, unavailability, playing favorites, hiding relevant information, poor communication, gossiping, insincerity, over-delegation, too many meetings, selective and distracted listening, boss is never wrong attitude and forgetting promises that you had made to staff.

    A workplace with disrespect is toxic, unproductive and fearful. Good bosses earn respect from their employees by doing the right things such as holding employees accountable for their job, appreciating and praising subordinates, caring for staff, listening attentively, being available, having empathy, delegation and trust.

    Empowerment, good working conditions, being decisive, admitting mistakes, sharing credit, common courtesies, pitching in during critical times to help staff and fighting for your employees privileges are all hallmarks of good bosses.

    chesadide.tk Good bosses know that they cannot do everything alone. They recognize and acknowledge the benefits of delegating work to subordinates. A good boss knows the skills and capabilities of his or her subordinates and knows what tasks to delegate to which staff. Other benefits of delegation include: creating a culture of trust when the boss assigns some of his tasks to a subordinate; it gives employees an opportunity to stretch and grow their capabilities through working on new assignments; employees feel valued and important and this can boost morale.

    Good bosses give staff freedom and authority to make decisions within certain tasks and areas of their expertise. This enables employees to fix problems, come up with ideas and suggestions and implement solutions without having to keep going back to the boss or supervisor to ask for permission. This creates a liberating environment where employees can really shine and become top performers within their respective niches. The overall beneficiaries of employee empowerment are the customers who get faster and more top-notch, high quality service.

    Employee empowerment can likewise lead to creativity and innovation where the staff figure out better, easier, faster and efficient ways to do their daily processes. As humans we all have a need for appreciation. Bosses who do not praise their subordinates are doing them a disservice. A good boss always finds an opportunity to acknowledge and recognize the good work being done by employees. When a boss praises the specific activity that the staff has accomplished, this boosts the self-esteem of the person and increases the likelihood of the good performance being repeated again and again.

    Benefits of giving praise include happier employees, more commitment, better customer care, better work performance, less absenteeism, less turnover, better financial performance, better staff morale and overall people enjoy working with each other in a pleasant and friendly way. Thanksgiving is the enemy of discontent and dissatisfaction.

    To constantly peer over their shoulders and watch their every move like a hawk. A boss who micromanages staff is one who likes to centralize power and decision making around himself. The boss is not confident that employees will do a good job and thus is comfortable watching every step as staff perform their duties.

    a great boss - who's that?

    Good bosses do not micromanage staff but it is important to note that there are situations where micromanagement is warranted such as during critical deadlines or when a staff member is new and the boss is taking time to learn the work habits and productivity of the new team member in order to determine how much autonomy to give the new staff. One way to compliment someone and to show that you care is to truly listen to them.

    Good bosses make time to listen to their staff.